About Us

I began making dog clothes when I got my first dog Luna in 2015. I really wanted to dress her up but couldn't find any comfortable and fitting outfits for her size. As a result, I decided to make them myself. I used to make human clothes in the past, so designing and making dog dresses and skirts turned out to be an easy and fun hobby. By now, Luna has over 50 dresses and she wears them every time I take her with me to the office. Several of her outfits are matching mine. Just like me, she loves attention! I make sure that all of her outfits are not restricting her ability to walk, run, play or lay down, so she doesn't mind wearing them. The outfits in "Our Collection" section are not for immediate sale but I can make a copy of any of them in a couple of days. If you find an outfit you want, please send me a message. Also check out my Etsy shop! ~Nadia